ABS bridges the gap between isolated rural areas and emerging markets to expand the service footprint regardless of distance, geographic obstructions or lack of infrastructure. The bordering nature of satellite coverage allows operators to locate mobile switching centers (MSC) and base station controller/transceiver (BSC/BTS) combinations anywhere within a wide footprint, giving operators incomparable independence in designing their network.
TS2 SPACE along with ABS can help your company stay ahead of the competition by swiftly designing and implementing flexible solutions for your business.


Key highlights
• ABS-6 is located at 159°E (*a redeployment of ABS-1),
• It covers the Pacific Ocean region and East Asia
• Its wide C & Ku coverage beams are suitable for VSAT services, TV distribution, IP trunking, cellular backhaul and maritime services
• ABS-6 is a Lockheed Martin A2100 AX satellite


ABS - 6 Coverage map:


Minimum requirements for hardware setup

• *2,4 M Andrews C-Band antenna • Tx/Rx including Reflector,
• Romantis modem,
• OMT,
• 5 Watt BUC,
• C-band LNB, 

We provide equipment on free lease basis for dedicated services above 4 Mbps, commercial value of equipment is $10,000 USD.

All prices are ex works. In order to calculate the exact shipping fees we need to know the delivery address. We can ship with NAC/ FedEx/UPS. Note that delivery of 1,8m is much more expensive than 1,2m dish.
We accept wire/ bank transfer, Western Union, VISA, MasterCard, EuroCard, JCB, Diners Club payments.



Bandwidth Capacities 

(dedicated only)

Price in USD
1024kbit up - 1024kbit down  2900,00 USD
1024kbit up - 2048kbit down  4350,00 USD
1024kbit up - 3072kbit down  5800,00 USD
1024kbit up - 4096kbit down 7250,00 USD
1024kbit up - 5120kbit down 8700,00 USD
1024kbit up - 6144kbit down 10150,00 USD
1024kbit up - 7168kbit down 11600,00 USD
1024kbit up - 8192kbit down 13050,00 USD
1024kbit up - 9216kbit down 14500,00 USD
1024kbit up - 10240kbit down 15950,00 USD