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Inmarsat’s Broadband Global Area Network BGAN (PDF)
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What can you do with BGAN?
You can set up a broadband mobile office in minutes - wherever you are on the planet. You can access your data applications at speeds up to half a megabit and make a phone call at the same time.

Who uses BGAN?
Mobile users who need reliable broadband access when working in locations where the telecoms networks are poor or non-existent.

Global coverage
BGAN delivers seamless network coverage across most of the world's landmass. Users are able to get broadband wherever they go, not just in major cities or airports. BGAN is currently accessible in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, North and South America.


Inmarsat's BGAN service is available on a global basis


Coverage of BGAN service


Inmarsat BGAN - Backpack to Broadband in 3 Minutes



Simultaneous voice and broadband data
With a single BGAN device, you can access data applications at broadband speeds and make phone calls at the same time. In a world-first for mobile services, you can also select guaranteed data rates on demand, with a choice of rates to suit your application requirements. And to ensure bandwidth availability, network capacity can also be re-directed to areas of heavy usage.

BGAN terminals are compact, lightweight and designed to be carried as easily as a laptop. The smallest BGAN terminal weighs less than a kilo. A fully functional broadband mobile office can be set up and shut down in minutes.

BGAN supports the latest IP services, as well as traditional circuit-switched voice and data. Integrating seamlessly with your corporate networks, it supports legacy applications while providing a smooth upgrade path to IP. There are terminals for single users and small teams, which can be connected to a laptop PC via a wired or wireless connection. For added flexibility, the BGAN LaunchPad can be customized to your requirements.

Inmarsat's name is synonymous with reliable communications, built on our proven track record in the provision of maritime safety services. The network capacity of our new Inmarsat-4 satellites is 16 times greater than our previous generation of satellites, delivering a massive boost to an already highly available network. In addition, the entire system is backed by 24/7 customer support from our Partner organizations.

Easy to use
BGAN is designed for simplicity and ease of use. No specialist technical expertise is required to set up or use the service. It's also easy to manage costs, because users can track service usage and charges in real-time. The same device can be used worldwide and the user interface is standard across all terminals.
Direct connections to the satellite means there are never any compatibility issues like those encountered with local telecoms networks.

Inmarsat has vast experience in providing secure communications to military and government customers. BGAN meets these exacting requirements and supports all major VPN products and encryption standards.