VPN enterprise networks in SCPC technology

We offer decentralized companies development of enterprise networks, commonly called VPN ( Virtual Private Network ).
We design, build and manage enterprise networks of national and international coverage. International networks are built on the basis of Intelsat, Eutelsat, YahSat and NSS satellites. The leased transponders cover the whole Europe, Africa, Asia and South America.
We guarantee dedicated connections within the scope of SCPC technology. Such solutions may be designed in order to support applications in various scenarios, such as networks for embassies, services for government or military institutions, communications on distant drilling platforms, transfer of television and radio signal, protective services for local ground nodes or entire networks, trunking or just Internet access.
Basic features and advantages:
       Ku or C band
       SCPC or DAMA standard
       From 64kbps to Mbps (sending and receiving)
       Symmetric or asymmetric transmission channel
       Point-point, star or circuit network topology
       Quick installation within up to 21 days in any place in the range of satellites
       No data limit for sent and received data
       Guaranteed quality and availability
       Maritime version for ferries and vessels
       Full range of services: engineering design, logistics, installation, service and maintenance
Within cooperation with international team of VSAT engineers we offer local service support and on-the-spot installation of equipment.
We also deliver the following services in the range of satellites:
       broadcasting TV and radio programs
       video transfers and multimedia
       mobile communications
       two-way and broadband satellite Internet 

TS2 offers SCPC services in the whole coverage of following satellites:

YahSat C-Band

YahLink C-Band



Intelsat 10-02


Since November 2010 TS2 company offers also SCPC services on W3A satellite in all countries within below coverage.


W3A coverage


SCPC (Single Channel per Carrier) networks provide communication links between two sites and are best compared to terrestrial leased-line connections. The SCPC network system addresses both a point-to-point satellite link and star network with several sites. The solution is controlled and monitored by a Network Monitoring System (NMS) from a central HUB station. In cases where the data link is down, the HUB has full control over the VSAT link over the control channel. The requested capacity in a SCPC network is "always on". A SCPC network can support high bandwidths and is ideal for all types of communication services (e.g. voice, data and video traffic).

SCPC is a well-established and steadfast technology, is known for it's advanced reliability, superior bandwidth efficiency and significant flexibility. TS2 SCPC services provide all of the premium advantages SCPC has to offer.

Offering two-way dedicated bandwidth, SCPC-SCPC services provide the perfect solutions for businesses with demanding applications, such as VoIP, dedicated data channels, backhaul connectivity, etc.

Bandwidth Prices: (Dedicated SCPC/SCPC Service)
Prices per 1 Mbps on request
Dedicated SCPC uplink Dedicated SCPC downlink Total monthly
256Kb 256Kb on request
256Kb 512Kb on request
256Kb 1024Kb on request
512Kb 512Kb on request
512Kb 1024Kb on request
1024Kb 1024Kb on request
1024Kb 2048Kb on request
2048Kb 2048Kb on request
We ship satellite internet terminals to most of all military addresses

SCPC VSAT equipment
Complete satellite system includes: TX / RX modem, 1.8M antenna, 2W/3W/4W BUC, L- or Ku band LNB, CISCO router 1721, WIC card and cable MT530, RG11 cable.
Final configuration depends on location.