Garmin Marine Radar GMR 20 2kW

The GMR 20 adds important radar information to a system that already includes GPS, sonar, and XM WX Satellite Weather data components—making our Marine Network one of the most comprehensive marine navigation systems on the market.

Impressive Performance
The GMR 20 (2kW radome) features a narrow 3.6-degree horizontal and 25-degree vertical beamwidth, which delivers accurate target acquisition and better penetration through rain and fog. It has a range of 24 nautical miles (nm). For fast and efficient presentation of radar signatures, raw data is processed within the radome and presented on Garmin’s GPSMAP® 3006C and GPSMAP 3010C chartplotter/multifunction displays (MFDs).

Ease of Use
The GMR 20 features automatic and manual sensitivity and tuning controls, including gain, sea clutter, and rain clutter—which allows boaters to spend less time tuning the unit and more time navigating. The unit also boasts selectable interference rejection, which mitigates the effect of nearby radar transmissions.

Advanced technology
Once the GMR 20 is interfaced with a GPSMAP 3006/3010 MFD, it is possible to overlay radar images on the charting to help reconcile radar signatures with known objects. Users can view "radar only" or split the display for multiple views of radar and charting.

To aid in collision avoidance, the unit also offers Mini Automatic Radar Plotting Aid (MARPA) capability, which allows boaters to track the bearing, course, speed and predicted closest approach (by both time and distance) of up to 10 targets. MARPA functionality requires GPSMAP 3006/3010 MFDs and an optional heading sensor.*

Marine Networking
The GMR 20 communicates with the Garmin Marine Network through a waterproof 100-megabit plug-and-play proprietary network—which affords users the ability to expand their boat’s system as needed. Boaters can connect a GPS antenna and one remote network sensor (like the GMR 20) directly to the MFD—or with the addition of the GMS™ 10 Network Port Expander, users can connect multiple MFDs and network sensors to the same network.

The GMR 20: Giving boaters more confidence and enjoyment on the water.

Package includes:

  • GMR 20 radar unit
  • Mount hardware kit
  • Power/marine network cable (15 meters)
  • Cable grommet
  • Installation manual


  • Weight: 26-lb dome; 8.4-lb cable
  • Physical size: 28” diameter, 8” high, 15 m cable
  • Transmit power: 2 KW
  • Power input: 10-35 Vdc, 25W
  • Antenna beamwidth: 3.6 degrees horizontal / 25 degrees vertical
  • Antenna RPMs: 24 rpm
  • Scanner operating temperature range: -15 degrees C to 70 degrees C, and a relative humidity up to 95% at 35 degrees C
  • Wind velocity (relative): Withstands up to 100 Kts without performance degradation
  • Scanner waterproofing: Waterproof to IEC 60529 IPX7 standards
  • Bearing accuracy: 1 degree
  • Maximum range: 24 nm
  • Minimum range: 20 meters
  • Range discrimination: 20 meters
  • Range ring accuracy: 20 meter or +/- 1.5% of range scale, whichever is greater
  • Controls: Auto and manual gain adjust; Manual or auto (AFC) receiver tuning; Manual adjust for rain clutter and three presets for sea clutter
  • VRM/EBL: Two user adjustable, capable of floating
  • Presentation modes: North up, course up, heading up
  • Interference rejection: Yes (anti-jamming algorithm)
  • Radar/chart overlay: Overlay mode is supported; Users can view "radar only" or split the display for multiple views of radar and charting overlay
  • Zoom mode: 2x, 4x
  • Trails: Short, medium, long
  • Guard zone alarm: Two guard zones; user adjustable
  • Off-center function: Look ahead, auto shift. and manual
  • FTC: Low, medium, high
  • MARPA: Yes; Tracks up to 10 MARPA targets for radar plotting and collision avoidance (heading sensor required)

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