Iridium 9505a

Satellite Phone Iridium 9505aWhat is it? Functionally similar to the Iridium 9505, this latest offering introduces some minor product changes. It is significantly smaller, lighter and more resistant to water, dust and shock than the original Iridium 9500 and is ideal for industrial or rugged conditions, yet appealing to the traveling professional.

Why do you need it? Business, adventure, or pleasure, you can stay in touch across seas and time zones, in remote locations and on the go. One telephone number, through the use of a mini personal subscriber identity module (SIM) card, can help keep you connected.

Features: Quick Access Interface Water, shock & dust resistant for rugged environments, Data Capable (use your satellite phone to transmit and receive data with an optional RS232 adapter), 21 language choices for prompts Headset/Hands-free capability

Talk Time Features

  • Provides up to 30 hours of standby time
  • Provides up to 3.2 hours of talk time

Display 4 x 16 character Illuminated Graphic Display

  • Calling Features
  • Call Barring
  • Call Forwarding - Unconditional, mobile subscriber busy, subscriber not reachable
  • Clear Last Digit/Clear All Digits
  • Fixed Dialing International Access Key Sequence (+ key)
  • Mailbox for Numeric & Text Messages (160 characters)
  • Quick Access Interface Selectable Keypad tone (3 choices)
  • Selectable Ringer tone (10 choices)
  • Keypad Disable
  • Two-way SMS capability Unanswered Call Indicator
  • Volume Adjustment (earpiece or ringer)


  • 100 Alpha and Numeric Memory Storage
  • Last 10 Numbers Dialed
  • Name Storage
  • Memory Scroll by Location
  • 32-Digit Number Capacity Phone Book
  • 16-Digit Name Tag
  • One-Touch Dialing
  • Subscriber Identity Module Card (additional memory storage)

Visual/Alert Features

  • Signal Strength Meter
  • Battery Meter (always shown in display)
  • Illuminated Keypad
  • Low Battery Warning
  • Status Review of Features
  • Visual Display of Volume Settings

Usage Control Features

  • Automatic Display Call Timer
  • Automatic Lock
  • Call Restrictions
  • Display Call Timers (last call / total calls)
  • Display/Change Unlock Code
  • Subscriber Identity Module PIN Availability (security code)