SatCom Tracker - Iridium 9575

The SatCom Tracker harnesses the innate powers of the Iridium Extreme; bringing support for true pole-to-pole global tracking.
SatCom Tracker allows you to track multiple handsets using their IMEI number and user defined short burst data (SBD) polling. By creating multiple users, you can allocate a registered Extreme handset to remote staff members at any time. SBD polling can be set up individually per device to deliver location updates from every 2 minutes, to once a week or even just on start-up.
The Tracker uses a web portal, meaning you can access it anywhere in the world using a laptop, smartphone or Internet café; tracking and administering your users in real time. The simple, intuitive interface allows you to track handsets individually and as a group, or any custom configuration of the two with the option to see live, daily, weekly or monthly location history for any device.
With the arrival of the Iridium Extreme we saw the inclusion of the SOS/Panic button feature. With SatCom Tracker, it is possible to manage your distribution lists for handsets at any time over the web including the emergency destination number for the specific handset, so you have safety, security and total control all the time*.
SatCom Tracker for Iridium 9575

The Iridium Extreme handset operates on the only true global network, offering pole-to-pole communications regardless of whether you are on land or at sea, on every terrain and in any vehicle.
SatCom Tracker is ideal for government agencies including border patrol and park rangers, utilities such as oil and gas, electric and telecoms, or even leisure and sports activities such as mountaineering, climbing, cycling and sailing.

Iridium 9575 Key Features

- Toughest military-grade satellite phone with an Ingress Protection rating of IP65, making it dust proof, shock resistant and water jet resistant
- Military-grade ruggedness (MIL-STD 810F)
- One touch SOS button
- Smallest Iridium Handset yet
- 4 Hours talk time and 30 hours standby
- Integrated speakerphone
- User configurable call timers to manage costs

SatCom Tracker Key Features

- Tracks multiple Iridium Extreme handsets using SBD
- Easy to use – simple, intuitive interface
- Manage from any Internet connection
- Distribution lists for SOS per handset
- Set local emergency numbers
- Create separate users and devices – track them separately or together using groups or check boxes
- True global pole-to-pole coverage over the Iridium network
- Use on any terrain in any vehicle, land or sea
- Adjustable polling times for SBD location transmission


Iridium Extreme (9575) handset
SBD Activation

*TS2 is in no way responsible for the delivery of the SOS Iridium service. The feature is only administered by the SatCom Tracker reseller or user and TS2 cannot be held responsible as such. It is important that you check your distribution lists, emails and phone numbers for accuracy.