Broadband Satellite in Africa

NSS 7 is a hybrid Ku- and C-band telecommunications satellite providing fixed satellite services, including video distribution, Internet access, corporate business networking and fixed services such as telephony and data. Based on an enhanced version of Lockheed Martin's A2100AX satellite bus, this 72 transponder satellite will operate at 338.5° East longitude over the Atlantic Ocean, providing coverage to the whole Africa.

NSS 7 c-band coverage

Coverage for Internet access
We can connect users to the Internet from following countries:

The iDirect platform offers satellite service providers unmatched functionality and scalability to meet the growing challenges placed on their networks. A single iDirect iNFINITI series hub chassis has the ability to support multiple networks with various requirements for satellite bands, topologies or bandwidth. This revolutionary design allows carriers to deliver any combination of network applications to thousands of remote sites supporting virtually any mix of customer profiles — all from a single platform.

A single iNFINITI series chassis can support:

  • Mesh, Star, SCPC or Hybrid Networks simultaneously
  • C, Ku, extended-C and emerging Ka radio bands
  • Interface with multiple satellites
  • Bandwidth configurable from 64 Kbps to 18 Mbps in 1 Kbps increments
  • Thousands of sites on a single network

iDirect powered networks can be grown one line card at a time to optimize network utilization, and provide scalability to meet any network or bandwidth requirements. Network operators can lower their equipment and operating costs while increasing revenues and profits— all while delivering the highest quality to all customers.

Options of two-way Internet access services
Downlink Rx BIR Uplink Tx BIR Rx CIR Tx CIR Contention Ratio
512 64 up to 128 up to 16 8:1 / 4:1
512 128 up to 128 up to 32 8:1 / 4:1
512 192 up to 128 up to 48 8:1 / 4:1
512 256 up to 128 up to 64 8:1 / 4:1
512 384 up to 128 up to 96 8:1 / 4:1
1024 64 up to 256 up to 16 8:1 / 4:1
1024 128 up to 256 up to 32 8:1 / 4:1
1024 192 up to 256 up to 48 8:1 / 4:1
1024 256 up to 256 up to 64 8:1 / 4:1
1024 384 up to 256 up to 96 8:1 / 4:1
1024 512 up to 256 up to 128 8:1 / 4:1
2048 64 up to 512 up to 16 8:1 / 4:1
2048 128 up to 512 up to 32 8:1 / 4:1
2048 192 up to 512 up to 48 8:1 / 4:1
2048 256 up to 512 up to 64 8:1 / 4:1
2048 384 up to 512 up to 96 8:1 / 4:1
2048 512 up to 512 up to 128 8:1 / 4:1
2048 1024 up to 512 up to 256 8:1 / 4:1
Ku Band offer for Southern Africa

Used satellite equipment:

  • C-Band system with 1.8m antenna, 5W transmitter and NetModem II with cables and accessories for T-10 and NSS-7, max 256 kbit/s uplink
  • C-Band System with 2.4m antenna, 5W transmitter and NetModem II with cables and accessories for T-10 and NSS-7

Why our service?

Our iDirect - enabled services incorporate 8:1 and 4:1 contention ratios which so far are one of the best ratios on the market suitable for any kind of bandwidth intensive environments, especially Enterprise, Internet Cafe and ISP applications. Contention ratio indicates how many remote terminals are sharing the single segment the lower the amount is, the more quality service you get and the more stabile the service is. Just to mention, a ratio of 8:1 is widely used in terrestrial Frame Relay connectivity offers in Europe and US and is a standard of a high-quality broadband Internet access service worldwide.
Contention ratio (so called sharing ratio): so far this is one of the main indicators of a service stability, reliability and performance in general. The customer needs to draw maximum amount of attention possible on the contention ratio of the burstable Internet connectivity link one is going to purchase.

Technologie Satelitarne provides SLA (Service Level Agreement) with all iDirect-enabled services we offer. Basically, providing our customers with SLA means that we guarantee you a high-quality Internet access service which will be available at 98.2% of all the time and better. If we fail to provide such a service quality we advertise - we return your money. Just FYI, Technologie Satelitarne's iDirect service uptime was near 99.5% throughout the whole 2004 and we have a 100% customer satisfaction. We would be glad to provide you with a reference of some customers already running on our iDirect-enabled services.

Technologie Satelitarne iDirect-enabled service includes CIR (dedicated segment) quotas, defined by the SLA to assure toll free business quality to transport VoIP, Videoconferencing and streaming applications. The CIR is available on a 24h/7d basis and is dynamically re-allocated by the NetModem's QoS mechanism to prioritize VoIP and streaming traffic and assure toll free quality of voice despite any current bandwidth load.

HTTP and TCP Acceleration is already integrated into the Technologie Satelitarne iDirect service. This kind of acceleration provides up to 400% speed boost over the standard non-accelerated VSAT service by overcoming the RTT latency issues caused by the high distance between the Earth and the satellite. Users love the fast response and the download speeds of accelerated iDirect service.

Scalability and flexibility - time passes and networks grow, the amount of computers is raising and the overall bandwidth demand always tend to increase. This is common for any kind of project, including an Enterprise network, Internet cafe or ISP. iDirect offers you a flexible possibility to start with the minimal service level and upgrade it smoothly up to the high-end class without investing additional funds into the VSAT equipment. iDirect offers to it's owners to start mutliservice long-term projects with minimal recurring investments. Depending on the type of application, you can grow from a small network of 10 users into an ISP segment with 1500 subscribers on the same equipment and still have freedom to scale further.