Satellite News Gathering

KA-SAT News Spotter - satellite broadband Internet

TS2 has launched new Ka-Sat services on Eutelsat satellites, which grants access to the wide spectrum of services over Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

NewsSpotter is the state-of-the-art Satellite News Gathering (SNG) Product developed by Eutelsat to respond to an increasing demand to transfer rich media content from the field.

The compact, lightweight equipment is easy to deploy, enabling you to start transmitting and receiving real-time, high-quality video, images and data from any location, in just a couple of minutes. NewsSpotter is highly efficient as it allows transfer rates of up to 20 Mbps via extremely compact satellite terminals and is also particularly innovative as it provides native bidirectional IP connectivity, facilitating the integration with modern news production and media content management workflows.

Ideal for occasional or permanent use, NewsSpotter delivers seamless integration into IP networks using state-of-the-art satellite technology, removing the need for any infrastructure. Bandwidth can be reserved online using the self-booking application, which is perfect for occasional, last minute use, or for guaranteeing reservations for dedicated use.

Coverage for Europe, Middle East and North Africa


Developed mainly with Broadcasters in mind, NewsSpotter can also serve the requirements of Webcasters, Press Agencies, Security and Emergency services and any other application requiring fast, easy-to- deploy, reliable, affordable, broadband bidirectional IP connectivity from the field.

Hardware Price (Euro)
75cm Dish Kit Professional
Incl. Viasat Surfbeam II Advanced Modem, 3watt TRIA, Coax cable 20m & Toolkit.
€ 765,00
Roof mounting kit – NPRM
€ 70,00
Wall mount kit
€ 20,00
Tripod (Heavy duty) for Ka-SAT 75cm antenna
€ 100,00
Viasat Surfbeam II Advanced Modem
€ 550,00
19"inch panel 1U for Tooway Advanced modem
€ 60,00
Viasat Surfbeam II Standard Modem
€ 250,00
Viasat TRIA 3W
€ 230,00
Toolkit incl. Compass, Open end Wrench 12x13mm & Screwdriver
€ 25,00
Coax Cable, 20 meter with F-Connector
€ 33,00
Coax Cable, per meter with F-Connector (Length 21-80 meter)
€ 2,00
Coax Cable, per meter with F-Connector (Length 81-120 meter)
€ 2,50
Reflector 75cm & mounting - Mid pole (Color white) or Top pole (Color white)
€ 125,00
Services Price (Euro)
KA-SAT Occasional Use - Occasional
Minimum 5 GB per month commitment, price per month
Price per GB: € 65,00
€ 325,00
KA-SAT Occasional Use - Starter
Minimum 10GB per month commitment, price per month
Price per GB: € 60,00
€ 600,00
KA-SAT Occasional Use - Medium
Minimum 50GB per month commitment, price per month
Price per GB: € 55,00
€ 2750,00
KA-SAT Occasional Use - High
Minimum 200GB per month commitment, price per month
Price per GB: € 45,00
€ 9000,00
Termination traffic to public internet
Termination traffic to POP Telecity
On request
Activation fee
€ 85,00
Installation costs (depending on the project)
minimum € 165,00



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