Maritime Satellite Broadband Internet services

With Ocean Mobile  we offer Ku Band coverage of all the main shipping routes on Intelsat beams. The service is available using a 60cm stabilized antenna with an 8W BUC.
Data is charged as used on a per MB price no matter where the vessel is located and all carriers are sized at 1Mbps and solely for maritime use. All beam switching is fully automatic and once the service is live there should be no need for user intervention at all. There is no minimum monthly cost for the service – if no use there will be no cost.
Voice calling is available to anywhere in the world at excellent prices. If your vessels are using less than 500MB of data a month we could be a solution to the slow throughputs and rising costs of other providers.
The idea behind our OceanMobile service is to give  vessels who would normally use an L Band service an option to use VSAT at Ku band instead.  We offer 2 levels of service and vessels can move between all our beams at the same cost:
1.      Standard pay as you use. The vessel only pays for the data it uses on a monthly basis. If there is no use there will be no monthly invoice. In this situation we will invoice you at $5.50 per MB of data used.
2.      Prepaid Bundles – if you know that you will use a certain amount each month, we offer a pre-purchase of a monthly “bundle” in advance for a discount on the normal rate.
$265 for a 50 MB prepay package. Extra MB at $5.25 payable in arrears
$500 for a 100 MB prepay package. Extra MB at $5.00 payable in arrears   
$875 for a 200 MB prepay package. Extra MB at $4.40 payable in arrears   
$2,000 for a 500 MB prepay package. Extra MB at $4.00 payable in arrears   
If using the 500MB package we will be happy to allocate it around several vessels (eg 5 x vessels with a 100MB allocation each, etc.)
Prices for the hardware required are :-  Voice Gateway box supporting 4 x voice lines- $785, 60cm (or larger) stabilized antenna with 8W BUC – Price on Request, X5 iDirect modem - $1,890, Cisco 8 port switch - $305 – all ex works.
We have an excellent relationship with UK based service, who will install any equipment in Europe as required. (We also have contacts further afield if required)
Each vessel going live on the network will be required to submit a $2,500 fully refundable deposit.  Payment terms for data and voice are 30 days from invoice date
The voice costs for VoIP lines can be viewed >here<
We can assign a static IP address to the vessel if required.

OceanMobile Coverage

This map is an illustration of our worldwide coverage on KNS 60cm antenna with 8W BUC.
The lighter area represents anticipated coverage using a 1.0m dish.