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Satellite Internet in AfghanistanOur satellite products YahClick, Hylas 2 (unlimited), Intelsat 10-02 (unlimited), NSS6 satellite (unlimited) and Global Personal Service (Mobile Internet) are available in all US bases, including locations in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Middle East. This broadband service offer two-way high-speed internet access with no phone lines, no cable, no dial-up modem. It's always online, available virtually anywhere, and affordable. We deliver also Thuraya, Iridium and Inmarsat satellite phones to most of all military locations within 5-7 days.

It would never be possible to carry out military operations without communications.  Hence, military applications contributed to development of telecommunications. The biggest advantage of satellite communications used for military purposes is its coverage with relatively high capacity.  Currently used technology enables transferring any amount of data at a speed of up to several dozen Mb/s in both ways the access is available by leasing a part of band in a chosen transponder.

Contemporary military operations, peacekeeping and stabilization missions require from the armed forces to take actions in unknown and very often distant areas.  An example may be the mission of the Armed Forces in Iraq or Afghanistan. Military operations are carried out in vast areas with poor telecommunications infrastructure.  In such circumstances only modern systems of satellite communications may provide fast, reliable, interference- and interception-resistant information transfer in command centers, operating units and other sub-units (logistic, engineering, etc.).

Due to the way the Armed Forces are involved in mission operations on other continents in the areas of poor telecommunications infrastructure, there is practically no alternative to the satellite communications. 

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Order & contact form for U.S. Military Personnel

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