Solar Panels

Independent Solar Energy Power System for Disaster Recovery

The feature of this system has high efficiency, high reliability, easily handle and portable. It can supply the AC power 220V or 110V at 50Hz or 60 Hz depending on the request.

Our Solar Power System is MOTORIZED Pole mounted system. The Batteries and the Converter are in a galvanized enclosure. The system is ideal for Powering Satellite VSAT , Systems, Power remote Radio Units, Network Access Point, Network Relay Units, Remote Weather Stations, Radio Repeaters.

All solar panels used in our solar systems are High Quality Modules with minimum 20 year power output warranty. This is your guarantee for trouble-free solar power generation.

Before purchasing a solar power system for your telecommunication system it is important to evaluate your electrical loads and assess how much power you will need. If you are unsure of how to evaluate your electrical needs, be sure to contact us.

The system includes:

  • 85 watt solar modules
  • Digital regulator
  • Mechanical panel fixture or Motorization
  • Sun Position sensor
  • Maintenance-free Batteries
  • DC/AC converter
  • Pipe and Galvanized Housing
  • Complete Cabling with Output plug

Main Features:

  • Solar Modules are installed on a Motorized positioner which does rotate the modules towards the sun insuring that way an optimal efficiency (motorized version).
  • Use with 12V to 24 V batteries gives the whole assembly a very good flexibility for usage in different environment types.
  • Hot Deep Galvanized and Rugged Deploy design.
  • High Efficiency DC / AC converter with sinus for output for 220 /110 V - 50/60 Hz or other mono phase power systems.

We deliver the system with 85 W or 145 W Modules.

With a two 85 W modules the typical output power for a system considering a 6 hours solar day is about 1 KWh. This value will be enough to power an VSAT Terminal for 25 hours ( for example a Viasat system with a 3W NJRC BUC and LNB needs in total about 43W).

We can certainly increase the number of panels and the standby batteries to cover also the computer, Radio, or whatever for communication device might be used.

If you want to get more details please contact us by query form.