Satellite Phone - iSatPhoneISatPhone is the latest Inmarsat's mobile satellite phone service, providing a simple, highly affordable way of staying in touch. It is dedicated to individual clients, businessmen, travelers and tourists to whom security, unlimited global connectivity, access to current data as much as international flexibility are essential in their everyday activities.

ISatPhone can be used as a satellite phone or a cellphone. Due to dual-mode operating system ISatPhone device works in both – satellite and GSM network what makes him one of the most popular dual-mode mobile phones in Asia and Africa.

IsatPhone- very easy to use, pocket-size handset- gives the possibility to optimize the usage of the service in satellite and GSM networks, depending on the availability and conditions in the location you operate.

IsatPhone is indispensable when changing location is frequent or in areas where GSM network access is limited or none, such as deserts, sea, countries with poor telecommunication infrastructure or in high mountain.

ISatPhone Coverage

isatphone-coverageIsatPhone can be used within Asia, Africa and the Middle East using Inmarsat’s latest generation l-4 satellite, which are most advanced commercial communications satellites ever launched supporting IP data services at broadband speeds and simultaneous voice. Currently the repositioning process of the satellites is under completion and in February 2009 IsatPhone coverage will be extended to East Asia and Pacific area, Central Asia and Europe.

Supplementary services
Call hold/waiting
Call forwarding
Conference calling for up to 5 parties
Call barring
Text – 160 characters (GSM mode only)
Accessories included
Phone charger and cable
Wired, hands-free unit
Slim battery pack
Also available
Spare charger and cable
Car charger

Handset specification
Network I-4 satellite and GSM 900
Size 13 x 5 x 3.2cm
Weight 210 grams with battery
Talk time Up to 2 hours 40 minutes
(satellite and GSM)
Standby time Up to 42 hours
(satellite and GSM)
Antenna Single satellite and GSM
dual mode antenna
Data/fax 2400bps (satellite)
9600bps (GSM)
Voltage 4 Volts
Speech quality FR (Full Rate) digital
encoded voice quality
Keypad 16 + volume side keys
Phone book 99 + SIM
Last called nos. 10
Missed call nos. 10
Speed dialling 1 – 9
Personalised melody Yes

Inmarsat IsatPhone - brochure
ISatPhone Coverage